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This mistress loves to touch herself and masturbate. But she does not do it for the pleasure she gets from it. She does it so as to hook guys to her plan. She does it so that she can make guys horny enough to do anything she wants. And what she wants is to burn them with a cigarette and because they want her, many of them try to endure it.

A half naked slut half dressed in black and high heels drives around the neighborhood showing off her fuckable body. She lingers in and out of her car showing her tits and ass and spreads her legs to show how horny she is. She gets out of the car and sits around smoking cigarettes and puts her sexy body on display hoping that some guy will come along and fuck her.

Katja lights a cigarette to relax a bit. While she stands there and fumes her cigarette, you have a good look on this perfect girls jeans ass! She simply ignores you as you admire her beauty all around. Then she puts the cigarette on the ground to crush it with her sexy sandals...

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