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Mistress NoirQueenie is known for her style. Some of her friends wanted to be shown how to smoke and look cool and she had some free time on her hands so she agreed to show them how to do it. They loved what she told them and how she showed them practically how to do it. They went back to their houses to practice what they had seen her do.

This mistress did not get what she wanted from this slave and she had to redo the interrogation. She did it in a cruel manner this time as she forced him to be her human ashtray. He had to brave a lot of pain but she made it worse for him a as she kicked him in the balls before she was done with him. He gave out all the info she sought.

Mistress Luna and mistress Andreea had an issue with these guys. They had tagged them along to their off the grid picnic and adventure and they thought that the guys would be good company but they were not. The mistresses felt that the best thing to do to the guys was to humiliate them with cigarettes after stripping them naked in a place that was also very cold. The punishment worked.

Mistress Saida surprised her husband by smoking. She wanted him to stop so she waited for him to get to the house and as she opened, she was smoking. She had him kneel down and then she used him as her human ashtray. In so doing, she humiliated him and she also scared the shit out of him. And when she told him to stop smoking, he listened to her for the first time.

Goddess Harley was not amused by this guy and she made him her living ashtray. She did not care what he felt and she ensured that he would never lie to her again. So she spat on him after she was done using him as her human ashtray and had made him cry. She did it while showing off her big tits so that he would be even more confused.

Mistress Jenny felt betrayed by this loser and to punish him, she made sure he felt a lot of pain. The mistress cruelly forced him to undress and she tied some clamps on his nipples and she pulled them. It was excruciatingly painful but she was not done with him. Mistress Jenny also used her cigarette on his nipples and the guy felt pain that he had only heard about.

This mistress loves to do naughty things. She was in the bath tub today taking a shower when she felt like smoking. With her tits out and trying to relax as she rubbed herself, she took out her cigarette and enjoyed puffing while her husband watched her with a smile. He even took out his phone and he recorded her. She did not object as they did such things regularly.

This guy took pride in his bad boy manners but mistress Zephy did not like it. He thought that everyone would like it but she did not and she had to make him understand that. She used her cigarette and her heels to dominate him and he learned his lesson. He was shocked to learn that his approach did not work with her and that she did not buy his bad boy behavior.

Mistress Jardena wanted to use her cigarette to torture and dominate this loser and she did it without hesitation. She had him kneel down and she used the cigarette smoke to choke him. He coughed and nearly passed out as the smoke was too much for him. She laughed at him as he peed his pants and she knew he had learned his lesson the hard way and would never do it again.

This guy did not know how abhorrent he was and it was time goddess Sofi and goddess Kira told him. The smoking babes had tried to ignore him but he did not give them the chance to do so. So they had no choice but to degrade him with their cigarettes by using him as a living ashtray and finally spitting into his mouth and having him swallow it all.

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