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Goddess Ashley was out to scare this guy and she did it without thinking twice. She used her cigarette to do it. As she took it out and started to smoke, she told him how she would use him as a human ashtray and how she would do the same to his balls. He was shocked to hear it and he was scared shitless. She was able to achieve her aim.

This mistress was stressed and she needed something that could take the edge off and get her to unwind and relax. She was alone and she did not have anything better to do. When she read somewhere that a cigarette could help her with that, she ordered one and when it got there, she had fun trying it out and she found out that it helped her take her mind off what was bothering her.

Mistress Raquel felt that the best thing she could do to this guy was to dominate as well as humiliate him and that is exactly what she did to him. She turned him into a human ashtray and she had fun doing it. In addition to that, the mistress had him lick and smell her feet in addition to feeling the pain of her trampling his face. He never tried to go near her again.

This mistress has an ass and a sex drive her ex has never gotten over. He wanted her back and he wanted to fuck her. But she did not want him back. And when she noticed that he wanted that, she took advantage of that to humiliate him for her own fun. She teased him with her hot ass and tits while she was smoking. The smoking made her even look hotter than usual.

Goddess Nika had a lot of things to think about and she was a little bit stressed. She wanted something to keep herself occupied and she wanted to meditate. She usually uses her cigarette whenever she wants to think deeply and she did not hesitate to use it today. She was able to take her mind off her worries and relax a little and she calmed down a bit which helped her when she went back to try and get a solution.

Mistress Scarlett smoked but her boyfriend did not know. But she found it hard to keep hiding her smoking habit and it got to a point that she felt it was better he knew and she faced the consequences as opposed to hiding. So she let him find out today and as expected, he was mad but she was prepared for anything including him calling it quits on their relationship.

Mistress Nicole and mistress Kira wanted to get some highly classified info and from their investigations, this girl was one of the few people who were privy to that info. And since it was urgent for them to get the info, they tortured the girl cruelly by forcing her to choke on cigarette smoke and using her as a human ashtray. And tat is how they got the info from her.

Lady Phoenix and her friend wanted to teach this guy a lesson and they chose to do it with their cigarette smoke. The mistresses did not want to beat him up. Instead, they chose to use their cigarettes to punish him. And that is how they ended up blowing cigarette smoke on his face and that choked him a little as he could not breathe properly. Instead of letting him go, they laughed at him.

Mistress Jardena wanted to use her cigarette to torture and dominate this loser and she did it without hesitation. She had him kneel down and she used the cigarette smoke to choke him. He coughed and nearly passed out as the smoke was too much for him. She laughed at him as he peed his pants and she knew he had learned his lesson the hard way and would never do it again.

Mistress Lena wanted to unwind and she did it by humiliating this loser and enjoying a cigarette while at it. The mistress sat down and she lit her cigarette as she watched her slave lick her soles. And when he was done, she used him as a human ashtray before she felt it was enough punishment and she went on smoking. She had a great time and the best part of it was when she had a gourmet dinner from the same slave.

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