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Mistress Jacky was interested in punishing this guy and so she took out her cigarette and she concentrated on smoking it as it helped her to think and to focus. She wanted to come up with a clear plan to punish him and when she was done with that, she would teach him a lesson that he would not forget for as long as he lived. That is exactly what she did.

When this mistress noticed that her new slave was not as obedient as she had hoped she would be, she had to teach her a lesson and she did so using her cigarette. The mistress tortured the girl into a human ashtray and she also tortured her using her cigarette smoke. It was brutal for her but the girl had to learn her lesson and never mess with her again.

Mistress CatDeluxe knew that this guy did not like smoking. In fact, he was so against it that when she realized that she could avoid sex by just smoking, she did not hesitate to do so. She had teased and flirted with him and the next logical thing was for them to fuck but she took out her cigarette and she started smoking. He could not believe his eyes and he got up and left.

Mistress Nyx wanted to teach her slave how to retain breath and she did it with her smoking fetish. The mistress made him wear a smoke mask and then she blew smoke into it and she let him hold his breath as long as he could before he started choking. She only let him breathe when he struggled too much. It was a lot of fun but he learned how to retain breath longer.

Goddess Katrina never misses a chance to flaunt her hot lips and today was one such day. She took out her cigarette and she smoked. She made her mouth the focal point of her smoking with the way she treated the smoke. And as people checked out her mouth, they also checked out her lips which were stunning and inviting. She also drew attention to them by licking them as she blew smoke out.

This mistress loves to keep to herself but this guy pissed her off and she had to show her other side. Most people wrongly thought that she was a defenseless person but she proved this guy wrong when she used her cigar to humiliate him. He found himself being choked by her smoke as well as being her human ashtray. He was in pain but she did not care about his feelings.

Mistress Alexa loves her men strong and alpha males. But this guy was not what the mistress liked so she used her smoking fetish to dominate as well as humiliate him. The mistress knew he was the sort that she would have fun humiliating. So she made him her human ashtray and when he asked, she told him that she was toughening him up. He believed that lie and she enjoyed dominating him.

Mistress Selena turned her slave's mouth into her ashtray in an effort to teach her a lesson she felt the slave girl needed to be taught. She had tried to talk to her verbally but it did not seem to help much. So the mistress cruelly tortured her and laughed at her as she cried and begged her to stop. The mistress told her she had brought it all on herself.

Mistress Claudia did not have weapon on her hands and her slave knew he had made a mistake but he was not scared as she did not have anything to beat him with. That is why it came as a rude shock when she chose to weaponize her cigarette and use it to punish him. She choked him with her smoke before she used him as her living ashtray making him feel a lot of pain.

Lady Zoey had forgiven her slave enough times. He was an errant slave and she had to punish him so that he would not make the same mistakes again. So she used her cigarettes to do it. The mistress made the slave her human ashtray and from the pain he felt, she knew he would not err again as he would not want such punishment again from her. And he never pissed her off.

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