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Mistress Lana was not in a good place. She had a lot on her mind and she needed to plan for things. So she took out a cigarette and she used it to take the edge off. She had fun doing it while she was almost naked. She looed sexy as she did so but her main aim was to take the edge off which she managed to do by the time she was done.

Lady Despina loves to smoke and she has premium cigarettes. When they kept disappearing, she knew she had to find whoever was behind that. So she laid a trap and she caught her slave. The mistress was mad at him as she did not understand why he chose to steal them instead of asking her for a few sticks. Or even buying his own. So she used the same cigarettes to punish him by turning him into a human ashtray.

As she smoked, mistress Mia used her slave as a human ashtray. The mistress had the slave endure the pain and humiliation of being a living ashtray but that was not all. The mistress also made the guy lick and smell her stinky socks. He had to lick her feet too before she felt it was enough punishment for him and she let him go. He regretted what he had done.

Mistress Gabriela loves to smoke and she does it often. That is what she was out to do today as she had her friend learn to smoke. Her friend had often admired how she smoked and how cool she looked so she wanted to give it a try. So she joined mistress Gabriela today and she was taught how to light a cigarette, how to smoke and how to extinguish one.

Mistress Scarlett smoked but her boyfriend did not know. But she found it hard to keep hiding her smoking habit and it got to a point that she felt it was better he knew and she faced the consequences as opposed to hiding. So she let him find out today and as expected, he was mad but she was prepared for anything including him calling it quits on their relationship.

Lady Lexy loves to smoke. It is one of the few things that she finds truly refreshing and enjoyable. Today she was using her cigarette to think as she wanted to find a good way to punish this loser. He had not acted the way he should and she was pissed at him for it. She kept getting good ideas as she smoked and she planned to implement them once she was done smoking.

Goddess Katrina never misses a chance to flaunt her hot lips and today was one such day. She took out her cigarette and she smoked. She made her mouth the focal point of her smoking with the way she treated the smoke. And as people checked out her mouth, they also checked out her lips which were stunning and inviting. She also drew attention to them by licking them as she blew smoke out.

Mistress Delvia went to the airport to pick up her friend and as they went back home, it was a lot of fun for them as they turned these guys into human ashtrays. The mistresses used their sexy bodies to lure the guys for punishment and the guys took the bait. The mistresses dominated the guys using their cigarettes and choked them with smoke among the many other things they felt like doing.

Mistress Christin was not in the mood to entertain any nonsense and that is what this loser showed her. He deserved to be punished because she was not going to make any exception for him. He did not know what was coming but he found out soon enough. He found himself being turned into a living ashtray and there was nothing he could. He was also trampled and punished painfully.

Mistress Ava Black has a big bum and a big pair of tits. She knows how much guys love them and she, therefore, loves using them whenever she wants to confuse and humiliate a guy. She used a latex catsuit to show off her hot body today but with the intention of turning the guy into her human ashtray. The guy was distracted by the sight of her massive boobs and her sexy ass and he found himself doing what she asked.

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