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Mistress Dula and her friend wanted this guy to endure cigarette humiliation and that is why they chose to make him a cigarette slave. The mistresses also turned him into a human ashtray and when he was done being tortured, they made him endure their smoke. He choked a little on it but they did not care. All that mattered to them was that he was humiliated and they had fun doing it.

Lady Despina wanted to scare this guy because she was sure that it was going to work in her favor. She did not want to spend a lot of time arguing with her slave. All she wanted was to get him scared to the point that he would do anything she asked him to do. And she was able to get to that point after she turned him into a human ashtray.

Mistress Claudia wanted this guy to fear her and so she used her cigarette to scare the shit out of him. The mistress even went ahead to tell him all the cruel things she could do to his body with her cigarette as she lit one and smoked it. She got closer to the guy and he feared that she would do what she had told him and that is how she scared him.

This guy needed to tell mistress Krystal what he had been up to but he did not want to do it. She got pissed about it and she chose to humiliate him. She did this with her cigarette as she turned his dick into a human ashtray. And she teased and tormented him with her tongue and with her cigarette and he could not take it anymore and he talked.

Mistress Alexa loves her men strong and alpha males. But this guy was not what the mistress liked so she used her smoking fetish to dominate as well as humiliate him. The mistress knew he was the sort that she would have fun humiliating. So she made him her human ashtray and when he asked, she told him that she was toughening him up. He believed that lie and she enjoyed dominating him.

This naughty mistress wanted this guy to jerk off before they fucked because she knew his first cum was usually super quick and she would not enjoy anything if that happened. So she had to find a way to have fun with him after his first cum. She then instructed him how to jerk off and he jerked off as she watched and supervised while smoking her cigarette and blowing smoke his way.

Goddess Mel loves to try out different things. Today she wanted to try smoking fetish because she had heard about it and she felt it would be something of interest to her. So the mistress took some cigarettes and she lit them and took a video of what she did with the cigarettes so as to review it later and see areas of improvement. She had more fun than she anticipated.

Mistress Jenny loves her cigarette. She enjoys unwinding in her bathtub with a cigarette in hand. She had had a long day and when she got home, she went straight to the bathroom and she got into the bathtub. She lit a cigarette and had fun smoking while she listened to music. She did not notice how time flew. She found out it was already midnight before she got out of there.

Mistress Lena does not like to assume things. But that is what her slave had done and she did not like it. She had to teach him how to behave and how to act and she chose to teach this lesson using her smoking fetish. She started with her high heels and went ahead to use him as her human ashtray. The mixture of high heels and smoking fetish did the trick.

Mistress Tiffany Naylor was in a bad mood so she did what she usually does when in such a mood. She took out her cigarette, lit it and she smoked it in silence. It helped her think better and focus on what she wanted to do about the situation she was in. And by the time she was on her third cigarette, she had already formulated a strategy of what to do.

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