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Mistress Ashley is a sexy girl and she loves to do sexy things. She wanted to tease this guy and then leave him wanting and begging for more. That is exactly what she did to him. The mistress wore a sexy lingerie and she used it to tease. But shortly thereafter, she added her cigarette and she enjoyed making it naughtier and getting the guy's blood to boil. He wanted her but could not have her.

When this mistress noticed that her new slave was not as obedient as she had hoped she would be, she had to teach her a lesson and she did so using her cigarette. The mistress tortured the girl into a human ashtray and she also tortured her using her cigarette smoke. It was brutal for her but the girl had to learn her lesson and never mess with her again.

Mistress Gabriela loves to smoke and she does it often. That is what she was out to do today as she had her friend learn to smoke. Her friend had often admired how she smoked and how cool she looked so she wanted to give it a try. So she joined mistress Gabriela today and she was taught how to light a cigarette, how to smoke and how to extinguish one.

This guy took pride in his bad boy manners but mistress Zephy did not like it. He thought that everyone would like it but she did not and she had to make him understand that. She used her cigarette and her heels to dominate him and he learned his lesson. He was shocked to learn that his approach did not work with her and that she did not buy his bad boy behavior.

This mistress wanted to show off her big its and she did not hesitate to do so. She had a lot of fun in the process because she was having fun at the expense of this loser. He was turned on by what he saw but she was not interested in having any fun with him. Instead, the mistress chose to tease and deny him but after she had turned him into a human ashtray.

This loser had nothing to bring to the table and mistress BlackDiamoond was not pleased with him. She felt that the only thing he was good for was to be a slave and one she could humiliate for her own entertainment. So that is what she did. She had him kneel down and she lit her cigarette and she used him as her human ashtray. He cried but she was not moved.

Mistress Cat loves to give clues and to send coded messages. That is what she did to her boyfriend today. The mistress got her man to watch as she showed him what she wanted to do to his dick as she sucked her cigarette. He understood what she was communicating and he was turned on massively. He did not waste time. He went and carried her to the bedroom and had her do it.

Mistress Yvonne found out that her slave had never tasted a cigarette before and she knew she had found a way to punish him. Soon enough he messed and she did not bother to look for a punishment. She already had it so she tied him up and she trampled him with her high heels before turning him into a human ashtray. The mistress enjoyed seeing him cry and beg for mercy from her.

This mistress wanted to endear herself to this guy. She was a spy and she was supposed to learn as much as she could about him. She learned that he loved his cigarette and she used it to charm her way into his life. She projected the image of an avid smoker and she had a taste for the best cigarettes. She also looked cool and sexy as she did so and she knew what there was to know about cigarettes.

Lady Alshari smokes occasionally. She smokes when she has a lot on her mind as well as when she wants to teach someone a lesson. She likes to turn the person who pisses her into her living ashtray and burn them with the cigarette. She also uses the smoke to choke the person if she so wishes. She knows they cannot breathe properly when she blows it on their faces.

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