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Mistress Roxy knew that this guy would be hooked to her sexy body if she showed off her hot body. So she removed her clothes and only had her thong on. The guy was confused and she had a great time doing whatever she wanted to him. He was like putty in her hands and she did what she wanted to him. And she smoked as she watched him do what she ordered.

Mistress Lena wanted to unwind and she did it by humiliating this loser and enjoying a cigarette while at it. The mistress sat down and she lit her cigarette as she watched her slave lick her soles. And when he was done, she used him as a human ashtray before she felt it was enough punishment and she went on smoking. She had a great time and the best part of it was when she had a gourmet dinner from the same slave.

When this mistress got bored, she turned to her slave and she dominated him for her own enjoyment. The mistress used her cigarette to do it and he was humiliated and in pain. He also choked out of what she did to him but he could not get him to stop as she was having fun at his expense and she did not listen to him. He had to endure it all.

This mistress likes to smoke for fun. She is one of the mistresses who do not smoke because they are addicted. She likes to flirt and tease while smoking and use it to have fun with guy and most of the time at their expense. She likes to mimick sucking a dick while she is smoking and at other times she likes to pretend like she is a bad girl.

Princess Kate was in a bad mood and she wanted to take her mind off what she was worried and thinking about. So she went to a convenience store and she bought a cigarette, even though she had never smoked before. She smoked it and since it was her first time, it managed to take her mind away from her issues because she kept wondering what people saw in cigarettes and why they enjoy just blowing smoke.

This mistress loves to touch herself and masturbate. But she does not do it for the pleasure she gets from it. She does it so as to hook guys to her plan. She does it so that she can make guys horny enough to do anything she wants. And what she wants is to burn them with a cigarette and because they want her, many of them try to endure it.

This mistress not only likes to smoke, but she also likes to make and play with bubbles. She likes to see things coming out of her mouth. She likes the way smoke comes out of her mouth and she wonders what she can do with it. Of late, she has been thinking about using the smoke and to some extent the lit cigarette to send a message across like when she is punishing someone or humiliating them.

This mistress loves to smoke on the mountains. She loves the cool breeze and how the smoke coming out of her nose and mouth drifts away in a wavy line. She enjoys how peaceful it is and when she wants to humiliate and punish a slave, she also takes him or her there as well because it is peaceful and she can do her business without any unwanted and unwelcome interruptions.

Lady Janis is not a big smoker. But boy does she look sexy when she smokes! She does it with such finesse, grace and elegance that she can make a non smoker want to smoke!

Hot blond wearing only a bikini is having fun smoking a cigarette. She turns around and shows her ass. What a beautiful round ass, she really is in the mood for humiliating you. Once she gets your hands on you , you will forever regret the day you met her. Now maybe you think you can handle her, but trust me this cruel and sadistic piece of work is not somebody you want to meet in real life. She smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.

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