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Lady Despina loves to smoke and she has premium cigarettes. When they kept disappearing, she knew she had to find whoever was behind that. So she laid a trap and she caught her slave. The mistress was mad at him as she did not understand why he chose to steal them instead of asking her for a few sticks. Or even buying his own. So she used the same cigarettes to punish him by turning him into a human ashtray.

Lady J is a hot inked girl. She loves to be naughty and kinky and she has that look and vibe about her. Today she took out her cigarette and smoked it in a seductive manner while only wearing a thong and a bra. She managed to talk a little dirty to this guy who could not help but be turned on. He nearly came on himself as he watched her do her thing.

This mistress has an ass and a sex drive her ex has never gotten over. He wanted her back and he wanted to fuck her. But she did not want him back. And when she noticed that he wanted that, she took advantage of that to humiliate him for her own fun. She teased him with her hot ass and tits while she was smoking. The smoking made her even look hotter than usual.

Mistress AnaSparkle is a social smoker and she loves to smoke to take away stress or to keep herself occupied when she has a lot to think about. Today she had a lot on her mind and she was under a lot of pressure. She was able to feel better as she smoked and for a few minutes, she was able to think about nothing and have momentary peace of mind.

Goddess Harley was not amused by this guy and she made him her living ashtray. She did not care what he felt and she ensured that he would never lie to her again. So she spat on him after she was done using him as her human ashtray and had made him cry. She did it while showing off her big tits so that he would be even more confused.

Mistress Scarlett smoked but her boyfriend did not know. But she found it hard to keep hiding her smoking habit and it got to a point that she felt it was better he knew and she faced the consequences as opposed to hiding. So she let him find out today and as expected, he was mad but she was prepared for anything including him calling it quits on their relationship.

Mistress Jenny felt betrayed by this loser and to punish him, she made sure he felt a lot of pain. The mistress cruelly forced him to undress and she tied some clamps on his nipples and she pulled them. It was excruciatingly painful but she was not done with him. Mistress Jenny also used her cigarette on his nipples and the guy felt pain that he had only heard about.

This mistress wore a dress which showed off her body and her tits were clearly visible. She did not care who saw her and she in fact loved it because she could tell how guys were pretending not to look but found creative ways to check out her big tits. She took out her cigarette and enjoyed it as she watched them struggle to check her tits out and complement her.

Mistress Zephy knew that if she was not firm with her husband, he would never quit gambling and he would endanger the future of her family. She was not ready for that so she used her heels to trample his face and she made him lick her soles. Then she used him as a living ashtray then told him she was ready and willing to do worse things to him if he did not stop gambling. He stopped.

Mistress Gaia used her cigarette to punish her gambling boyfriend as she felt he was becoming addicted to it and it was not a good sign. So the mistress used him as her human ashtray and she let the pain he felt do the talking for her. The mistress even choked him a little bit and he did not want to experience it again so he tried his best to stop gambling.

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