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Goddess Andreea and her friends were hanging out when they asked her how they could also try smoking fetish as they were interested in it. They also wanted to torture their slaves for unbecoming behavior. So she showed them practically how to do it and it was a great thing for them and they had a lot of fun not only learning how to do it, but also torturing him.

Lady Stefanie had an issue with this girl. She had been spreading rumors about her and she did not want that to continue. So the mistress forced the girl to kneel down in her backyard. She then smoked and used the girl as her human ashtray. It was not only painful, but it was also humiliating. He had no choice but to do things her way. He learned his lesson the hard way.

Lady Lexy loves to smoke. It is one of the few things that she finds truly refreshing and enjoyable. Today she was using her cigarette to think as she wanted to find a good way to punish this loser. He had not acted the way he should and she was pissed at him for it. She kept getting good ideas as she smoked and she planned to implement them once she was done smoking.

Mistress Nica loves to smoke because it makes her feel sexy. She smokes in a sexy way too and she makes even non-smokers feel like it would be cool to do it. Today she was sexily dressed and as she smoked, she looked like a bad girl and she had the demeanor to go with it. She had fun teasing this guy and messing with him by making him do what she asked.

This mistress wore a dress which showed off her body and her tits were clearly visible. She did not care who saw her and she in fact loved it because she could tell how guys were pretending not to look but found creative ways to check out her big tits. She took out her cigarette and enjoyed it as she watched them struggle to check her tits out and complement her.

Lady Rockabella never loses a chance to torture. She caught this guy messing up and she knew she had found the chance she had been looking for. The mistress made the guy wear female outfits and she turned him into a sissy before she used her cigarette on him. He was her human ashtray whether he liked it or not and lady Rockabella had fun seeing how humiliated he looked.

Goddess Kiffa is a sexy smoking babe. She loves to have fun any time she can and she enjoys it when she is able to turn guys on with her cigarette. But today she was doing it in the bathtub and she did it while her slave served her wine and acted as her human ashtray. It was a lot of fun as she enjoyed herself and relaxed in the soapy tub.

This naughty mistress wanted this guy to jerk off before they fucked because she knew his first cum was usually super quick and she would not enjoy anything if that happened. So she had to find a way to have fun with him after his first cum. She then instructed him how to jerk off and he jerked off as she watched and supervised while smoking her cigarette and blowing smoke his way.

Mistress Gaia did not like how this student misbehaved. She had to find a way to deal with him and she waited until other students had left and she turned the classroom into a torture chamber. She stripped him naked and she forced him to kneel down. He was used as a human ashtray besides being slapped. He learned his lesson the hard way and he never messed with her again.

Lady Alice loves to degrade losers with whatever she can lay her hands on. Today she used her cigarette to do it. She intended for it to be cruel and she made sure it was. The mistress got the guy to lick her heels as she smoked. He thought he was done but she took the cigarette and she used it to torture him. She enjoyed how miserable he was.

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