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This mistress loves to do naughty things. She was in the bath tub today taking a shower when she felt like smoking. With her tits out and trying to relax as she rubbed herself, she took out her cigarette and enjoyed puffing while her husband watched her with a smile. He even took out his phone and he recorded her. She did not object as they did such things regularly.

Lady Louisa and mistress Kirsty do not like masturbators because they feel that those people make it hard for their women to enjoy sex because it creates unrealistic expectations on the part of the women to have pussies as tight as the men's hands and also makes the men cum quicker which does not help the women at all in their quest for orgasms. So they trampled this guy with heels to make him stop jerking off. They did it while smoking.

Mistress Selena turned her slave's mouth into her ashtray in an effort to teach her a lesson she felt the slave girl needed to be taught. She had tried to talk to her verbally but it did not seem to help much. So the mistress cruelly tortured her and laughed at her as she cried and begged her to stop. The mistress told her she had brought it all on herself.

Mistress Gaia used her cigarette to punish her gambling boyfriend as she felt he was becoming addicted to it and it was not a good sign. So the mistress used him as her human ashtray and she let the pain he felt do the talking for her. The mistress even choked him a little bit and he did not want to experience it again so he tried his best to stop gambling.

This loser did not have anything going for him. He was a loser, he was broke and he had a tiny dick. Lady Vampira tried to cut him some slack but she could not as everything about him was screaming for her to dominate him. So the mistress messed with him using a strapon and she also did it with her cigarette by turning the guy into a cigarette slave.

Lady Betty and her friend mistress Bertie wanted this loser degraded. He did not have a say in the matter since he had pissed them off and he was being punished for his bad behavior. The guy's face was filled with their spit and he had to lick it and rub it over his face as the mistresses laughed at him and warned him not to piss them off again.

This hot mistress does not get mad. She does even the cruelest things while smiling. Today she was punishing her boyfriend for cheating on her and she made sure it was a painful thing for her. But she did it with a smile on her face and with a cigarette in her mouth. She enjoyed both her cigarette as well as what she did to him despite it being painful to him.

Goddess Mel loves to try out different things. Today she wanted to try smoking fetish because she had heard about it and she felt it would be something of interest to her. So the mistress took some cigarettes and she lit them and took a video of what she did with the cigarettes so as to review it later and see areas of improvement. She had more fun than she anticipated.

Lady Stefanie had never smoked a cigar before. She felt like doing it today so she asked this guy to buy one for her. She gave him money to buy a top-notch one but he did not do it. He bought a low grade one. She was pissed. She took it but she punished him for it. She used the cigar smoke to choke him. She cruelly dominated him and forced him to go back and buy what she wanted using his own money.

Princess Jasmin loves to smoke. She enjoys her cigarette all the time but mostly whenever she is bored or when she has a lot on her mind. Today she was wondering what to do to her slave who had pissed her off. She did not want to punish him without coming up with a clear plan to do it. She contemplated it all and she settled on using her cigarette to do it.

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