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Missy Van Licks needed to punish this guy as she felt that he was taking advantage of how laid back she was. So she invited her friend and she had her friend help her to punish him. He was cruelly punished by the mistresses as they turned him into a human ashtray and they had fun dominating as well as humiliating him. The cigarette proved to be a perfect weapon.

This guy had promised to keep this mistress company and entertain her but he was not entertaining at all. She was pissed at him and she felt that she had to humiliate him in order to have the fun that she sought. That is why as she smoked, she turned the guy into a smoke slave. As such, he was also her human ashtray. That was more entertaining for her.

Lady Stefanie had an issue with this girl. She had been spreading rumors about her and she did not want that to continue. So the mistress forced the girl to kneel down in her backyard. She then smoked and used the girl as her human ashtray. It was not only painful, but it was also humiliating. He had no choice but to do things her way. He learned his lesson the hard way.

Mistress Nyx loves to enjoy her cigarette and that is what she was out to do today. But besides just enjoying her cigarette, she had to punish this guy who was a pain in the ass for her. The mistress smoked and when she was done, she took out another cigarette which she used to torture the guy. He was her human ashtray and she did not care what he felt.

Lady Cary wanted to kill two birds with a single stone. That is why she used her cigarette. She knew she could smoke her cigarette and enjoy it and at the same time use it to dominate the slave. The mistress used him as a human ashtray as she smoked and she was able to kill two birds with a single stone. She loved the whole thing and did not mind doing it again.

Mistress Luna and mistress Andreea had an issue with these guys. They had tagged them along to their off the grid picnic and adventure and they thought that the guys would be good company but they were not. The mistresses felt that the best thing to do to the guys was to humiliate them with cigarettes after stripping them naked in a place that was also very cold. The punishment worked.

This guy needed to tell mistress Krystal what he had been up to but he did not want to do it. She got pissed about it and she chose to humiliate him. She did this with her cigarette as she turned his dick into a human ashtray. And she teased and tormented him with her tongue and with her cigarette and he could not take it anymore and he talked.

Mistress Nica loves to smoke because it makes her feel sexy. She smokes in a sexy way too and she makes even non-smokers feel like it would be cool to do it. Today she was sexily dressed and as she smoked, she looked like a bad girl and she had the demeanor to go with it. She had fun teasing this guy and messing with him by making him do what she asked.

When this mistress was accidentally choked and burned by her cigarette, she knew she had discovered a weapon. She always had issues with her slave and she had found a good tool to punish him with. So she sat back and waited for him to mess and when he did, she used her cigarette to punish him. He was used as a living ashtray, and also choked with smoke. But that was not all as the mistress also teased and denied him using her big tits.

Mistress Katrina was dominating this slave when she felt that she needed a break. So she took one and she undressed and remained with her sexy panties and a bra. She also took out a cigarette and she smoked seductively as she showed off her sexy legs. The slave even forgot what she had been doing to him and he was turned on by the sight of the gorgeous mistress smoking.

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