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Mistress NoirQueenie is known for her style. Some of her friends wanted to be shown how to smoke and look cool and she had some free time on her hands so she agreed to show them how to do it. They loved what she told them and how she showed them practically how to do it. They went back to their houses to practice what they had seen her do.

This mistress has an ass and a sex drive her ex has never gotten over. He wanted her back and he wanted to fuck her. But she did not want him back. And when she noticed that he wanted that, she took advantage of that to humiliate him for her own fun. She teased him with her hot ass and tits while she was smoking. The smoking made her even look hotter than usual.

Lady Naomi is a sadistic mistress and she likes to find different ways to make money at the expense of losers. The mistress realized that she was dealing with this guy who was always horny and she wanted to dominate his dick. So she turned it into her ashtray and had fun making him cry. He begged the mistress for mercy and told her he would find a way to tame his sexual desires.

This mistress did not smoke much. She mostly did it whenever she wanted to punish. And that was what she wanted to do today so she had the boyfriend strip naked before she used her cigarette on him. The mistress was punishing him because he had been taking advantage of her and she did not want to be taken advantage of anymore. It had to stop and it did after that.

Princess Morgana loves to dominate and she does it effortlessly. The mistress knows that the best way to deal with people she does not like and she does not want is to spit on them and if she wants to dominate and humiliate them badly, she uses them as her human ashtrays. That way they feel both pain and humiliation from her. Today she added foot trampling to make it even worse.

Mistress Luna and mistress Andreea had an issue with these guys. They had tagged them along to their off the grid picnic and adventure and they thought that the guys would be good company but they were not. The mistresses felt that the best thing to do to the guys was to humiliate them with cigarettes after stripping them naked in a place that was also very cold. The punishment worked.

This guy needed to tell mistress Krystal what he had been up to but he did not want to do it. She got pissed about it and she chose to humiliate him. She did this with her cigarette as she turned his dick into a human ashtray. And she teased and tormented him with her tongue and with her cigarette and he could not take it anymore and he talked.

This mistress loves to do naughty things. She was in the bath tub today taking a shower when she felt like smoking. With her tits out and trying to relax as she rubbed herself, she took out her cigarette and enjoyed puffing while her husband watched her with a smile. He even took out his phone and he recorded her. She did not object as they did such things regularly.

These guys had an agreement with mistress Iside and her friends. But the guys turned out to be greedy and wanted more than they had agreed with the mistresses. The mistresses were not going to tolerate such behavior and they had to make sure they punished the losers as cruelly as they could so as to make them learn to keep their word and uphold their end of the bargain.

This mistress wore a dress which showed off her body and her tits were clearly visible. She did not care who saw her and she in fact loved it because she could tell how guys were pretending not to look but found creative ways to check out her big tits. She took out her cigarette and enjoyed it as she watched them struggle to check her tits out and complement her.

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