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This mistress loves to look good. And she looks great in whatever she does and in whatever she wears. She has a thing for smoking and she also looks great when she does. She likes to use it as a decoy to humiliate guys. When guys enjoy how she smokes and complement her, she gets a chance to make them her ashtrays and to make them swallow her saliva thinking that they are making her horny.

Miss Annalieza has a new toy. She loves to smoke but she doesn't like carrying her ashtray everywhere. Instead of doing it, she turns her smoke loving slave into her ashtray. She blindfolds him and straps a dish to his mouth. She then puts him at her knee so she can easily reach him. When she leaves the room, she grabs his leash and pulls him along with her. It's the kind of toy she loves.

When this hot blonde started smoking, she didn't know her coworker would become so intrigued. She watched him watching her and she slowly made him her slave. She would sit across from him and pull out her cigarettes. As she smoked, she watched him and told him of all the things she would allow him to buy for her if he wanted. She got them all as long as she smoked for him.

When Gloria gets up in the morning, she knows her slaves are watching, waiting for her to face them. As she does, she gets her cigarette and puts it to her nude lips. They love watching her lush lips pucker to hold the cigarette and wish they were in her mouth. As she gets dressed, she puts on red lipstick and continues to smoke. She loves the way her lips look and her slaves are willing to pay for the pleasure of watching her smoke.

When Jenicha decides to smoke, her slaves pull up a chair to watch. They love watching her pink lips open and her tongue wet them. They love looking into her eyes and watching her inhale her cigarette. The fantasize about her glistening lips wrapping around them. They want her to put her sexy lips on them and they are willing to pay her or do anything she wants them to do.

When this redhead mistress started to decorate, she decided she needed a live ashtray. It is something that she won't compromise on. She wants her slave to come into every room she is in and allow her to put her cigarette ashes in their mouth. She wants to watch them swallow her ashes and beg for more. Most importantly, she wants to watch them put her cigarettes out for her.

This sexy young Mistress wants to use you as her personal ashtray. First she lights up her cigarette. Then she breathes in the smoke just to release it right in your face. She also keeps ashing right into your mouth as you are kneeling on the ground in front of her...

Men like you are so easy. Oh did I say "men"? I meant slaves of course. I just sit here, light up my cigarette and breathe the smoke in and out and all you can do is staring at me and having a hard one between your legs. That's so pathetic I mean, what did I just do that made you become horny? Nothing - and that's the point. You are so easy to control...

This gorgeous blonde girl lights up a cigarette as she sits on her favorite leather sofa. She smokes it and enjoys to breathe the smoke right into your face! Then she tells you that you have to open your mouth for her to eat her ashes. You do what you have been told and she drops the ashes all into your mouth...

Yes, that's what you are you little worm! We both know that you are a total weakling. You are submissive, you won't actually please any woman with your tiny dick and all you can do is performing my commands. I think you would just be good enough to stay as my living ashtray...

Sexy Mistress Lana smokes a cigarette while she relaxes on a sofa. She wears her white nylons and sexy white sandals. She breathes the smoke in and releases it right into your face. Then she crosses her sexy legs showing off her pretty toes in her sandals for a second. She knows how much you are turned on by her.

Mistress Katja lights up her cigarette as she sits on her favorite British sofa. She smokes it and then she bend over to breathe the smoke right into a slaves face. That poor guy is actually lying on the ground next to her feet and waits to be humiliated, degraded and abused by his mistress.

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