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Mistress CatDeluxe knew that this guy did not like smoking. In fact, he was so against it that when she realized that she could avoid sex by just smoking, she did not hesitate to do so. She had teased and flirted with him and the next logical thing was for them to fuck but she took out her cigarette and she started smoking. He could not believe his eyes and he got up and left.

This mistress loves to keep to herself but this guy pissed her off and she had to show her other side. Most people wrongly thought that she was a defenseless person but she proved this guy wrong when she used her cigar to humiliate him. He found himself being choked by her smoke as well as being her human ashtray. He was in pain but she did not care about his feelings.

Mistress Christin was not in the mood to entertain any nonsense and that is what this loser showed her. He deserved to be punished because she was not going to make any exception for him. He did not know what was coming but he found out soon enough. He found himself being turned into a living ashtray and there was nothing he could. He was also trampled and punished painfully.

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