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Mistress Katja lights up her cigarette as she sits on her favorite British sofa. She smokes it and then she bend over to breathe the smoke right into a slaves face. That poor guy is actually lying on the ground next to her feet and waits to be humiliated, degraded and abused by his mistress.

She loves smoking and while she does she keeps humiliating you very heavily. She tells you that you are a loser and a pathetic freak and that you are addicted to her! She knows that you would do everything she wants from you. She breathes the cigarette smoke right into your face and smiles as you close your eyes...

Mistress Jenny wants you to be her new living ashtray! As she gets out of her car she lights up her cigarette. Then she smokes it and keeps breathing the smoke right into your face. She laughs as you begin to cough. Then it's time to ash up, so she makes you open up your mouth and begins to ash her cigarette right into it. Next she commands you to swallow it all for her.

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