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This cruel Asian Mistress is called Miss Rinko. She has put a special device on her slaves head which forces him to breath in all of her smoke. She enjoys her cigarette and laughs as she starts to humiliate her slave who is bound and unable to free himself.

Katja and her girlfriend are standing on the parking place and talk to each other. They smoke, laugh and enjoy the free time. After they are finished with smoking, they drop their cigarettes on the ground and crush them with their sexy sneakers. They twist the sole on the cigarettes and mush them into the ground since there's nothing left over...

In this clip Miss Rinko has one of her slaves bound up! Next she covered his head under a plastic bag. He isn't able to receive any fresh air - everything he is allowed to breathe is her breathed out smoke she gently blows through a plastic pipe right into is plastic head cage...

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