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Lady Alice loves to degrade losers with whatever she can lay her hands on. Today she used her cigarette to do it. She intended for it to be cruel and she made sure it was. The mistress got the guy to lick her heels as she smoked. He thought he was done but she took the cigarette and she used it to torture him. She enjoyed how miserable he was.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend love to smoke. But this guy thought he knew better than them and he tried to lecture them on the risks of smoking. The mistresses did not like it and they had to teach him to mind his own business. The mistresses turned him into a human ashtray and he had to endure the pain and humiliation of what they chose to do to him.

Mistress BlackDiamoond was offended with the way this guy tried to lecture her. She knew what she was doing but he felt that he knew better and tried to tell her what to do. She did not appreciate it and she humiliated him for fun as well as to teach him a lesson. The mistress forced the poor guy to be her human ashtray. She degraded and humiliated him using her cigarette.

Mistress BlackDiamoond does not like to have her orders ignored. She was pissed that this loser had ignored him and so she punished him. She turned him into a human ashtray. She also slapped him and before she was done, she blew her cigarette smoke on his face. She was not in a hurry to humiliate him. She did it slowly to allow for maximum time and she cruelly taught him a lesson.

A group of sexy ladies are going to use a slave for many things. The first thing a slave will be used for is an ashtray. The slave has always wanted humiliation from three powerful women, however he may not be prepared for how brutal these girls can be. They are going to ash in his face and they are going to blow cigarette smoke right in front of him.

Inhale all of Mistress BlackDiamoond 's smoke as she sits comfortably on the couch smoking from her cigarette. You will inhale all of her second hand smoke but of course that is not enough. You must server as her human ashtray too. Get down on your knees like a good little bitch and inhale all of her smoke and open your mouth so she can ash inside of it.

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