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When mistress Natasha noticed that her boyfriend was always getting home late, she talked to him and told him to change. He ignored her and she did not want that to go on. So she used her cigarette to punish him. It was cruel as she used him as her human ashtray and she also choked him with her smoke. He did not want to suffer again so he changed.

Mistress Yvonne found out that her slave had never tasted a cigarette before and she knew she had found a way to punish him. Soon enough he messed and she did not bother to look for a punishment. She already had it so she tied him up and she trampled him with her high heels before turning him into a human ashtray. The mistress enjoyed seeing him cry and beg for mercy from her.

Mistress Vera did not like how this guy made fun of her. He thought he was being funny by making fun of her but he realized it did not work that way. That was after she got pissed and she degraded him cruelly. She forced him to be her human ashtray and she blew smoke into his mouth and she degraded him in many ways. He learned his lesson the hard way.

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