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Yes, that's what you are you little worm! We both know that you are a total weakling. You are submissive, you won't actually please any woman with your tiny dick and all you can do is performing my commands. I think you would just be good enough to stay as my living ashtray...

Come one you stupid little faggot! I want you to get on your knees - didn't you hear me - on your knees right now. Yeah, that's good - good little bitch - now get closer to me, come on you stupid little crap. Open your mouth, yes that's good and now swallow and say thank you Mistress...

Lady Andrea smokes a cigarette right in front of you, wearing a sexy red body suite and teasing you with her hot lips. But you're not here to watch her smoking - you'll be her human ashtray and swallow all of her disgusting ash while she's enjoying her cigarette.

Since you are having your birthday, mistress Money Princess is preparing a nice slave meal for you. First she puts a cigarette left over on a plate, after that she spits on it and then she holds it right under your mouth with a devilish smile on her face.

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