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Mistress Jacky was interested in punishing this guy and so she took out her cigarette and she concentrated on smoking it as it helped her to think and to focus. She wanted to come up with a clear plan to punish him and when she was done with that, she would teach him a lesson that he would not forget for as long as he lived. That is exactly what she did.

Mistress Jacky is a hot plus size girl and she loves herself that way. She did not want anyone trying to fat shame her because she did not have any desire to be different from how she was. So she put the fat shamer in his place by using him as her human ashtray and warning him of worse if he did not stop his bad ways. He learned his lesson.

Mistress Jacky did not hold this loser in high esteem and it showed in how she chose to degrade him. She felt that he needed it and so she whipped out her cigarette and she lit it. He did not suspect anything and that was why he was shocked when it ended up being that the cigarette was to torture and humiliate him. She used him as a living ashtray and also choked him with the smoke.

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