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Mistress Tiffany and her friend are not much of smokers. But they were bored and they wanted a way to pass time and they felt that smoking would do that for them. The mistress bought a packet of cigarettes and they spent time smoking them. They tried all manner of things with them. They even tried to make their smoking look sexy and naughty besides trying to tease while smoking.

Mistress Tiffany Naylor was in a bad mood so she did what she usually does when in such a mood. She took out her cigarette, lit it and she smoked it in silence. It helped her think better and focus on what she wanted to do about the situation she was in. And by the time she was on her third cigarette, she had already formulated a strategy of what to do.

Mistress Tiffany loves to smoke and she does it all the time. Today she was not just smoking, but she was using her cigarette to humiliate. She turned this loser into her human toilet and she also blew smoke onto his face. She had fun degrading him and she made him cry as she did all sorts of nasty things to him. He cried and begged for mercy but none was given.

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