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The very demanding diva Dior loves to sit back and smoke her cigarette and knows that her smoke slaves get rock hard watching her inhale and exhale the lovely cigarette smoke. She teases them as she takes deep drags on her Newport's and lets the smoke slowly and erotically creep out of her nose. You stroke yourself into a frenzy watching the sexy Dior taking those lovely drags on her Newports

Check out this hot ebony babe sitting around smoking a cigarette while she is wearing some of her sexy lingerie. Her lingerie is so very sexy and it leaves very little to the imagination. You can see her full round breasts pressing against her lingerie just begging to be set free, but a loser like you will never be anything more to her than a wimp slave that she can blow smoke at.

This little sadistic girl loves to breathe her cigarette smoke right in your face! Look at her as she lights up a cigarette and makes you kneel in front of her. She breathes in very deep and blows the smoke directly in your face. Thankfully you are lowering your head just to kiss her shoes...

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