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Mistress Jacky was interested in punishing this guy and so she took out her cigarette and she concentrated on smoking it as it helped her to think and to focus. She wanted to come up with a clear plan to punish him and when she was done with that, she would teach him a lesson that he would not forget for as long as he lived. That is exactly what she did.

Teen girl Ebony with her pink dyed hair loves to smoke her cigarette and exhale the smoke right into all of her slaves faces. The sexy Gothic teen girl sits on top of her slaves back making him feel all of her full weight as she brings him up from the crouch and blows all of her cigarette smoke right into his loser face. He inhales all the smoke from teen Ebony

This sexy teen mistress has bright pink hair as she stands outside and lights up her cigarette. She takes her cigarette and puts it up to her lips and inhales deeply taking the smoke deep into her lungs as she takes a drag off of her cigarette. She then takes the cigarette out of her mouth and turns directly at you and blows the warm smoke right into your face.

This sexy mistress has long dark hair and is smoking a cigarette and she looks at you and then blows the smoke in your face as she smirks at you. She takes another long drag of her cigarette and then blows it in your face again and this time she laughs at you and tells you that you are nothing to her and that you are worthless and cheap and deserve the smoke in your face.

This sexy blonde is smoking right in front of the camera and she could not be happier to blow smoke right in your face. If you knew this hot blonde in person she would punish you like the puny little smoke slave that you are. She would shove you to the ground and blow smoke right in your face. After that, she would ash all over your face like a punk.

This sexy brunette babe is standing right in front of the camera smoking on a full flavor cigarette. She loves to feel the hot burn of a nice cigarette penetrating her lungs. She wants you to get down on your knees right in front of her and become her smoke slave. She wants you to take her smoke right in your face and she wants you to enjoy being her smoke slave.

Men like you are so easy. Oh did I say "men"? I meant slaves of course. I just sit here, light up my cigarette and breathe the smoke in and out and all you can do is staring at me and having a hard one between your legs. That's so pathetic I mean, what did I just do that made you become horny? Nothing - and that's the point. You are so easy to control...

Mistress Ebony makes one slave eat up her ashes as he kneels in front of her on the ground. She laughs and makes him become her personal pony boy. There is no way out than just doing as this young arrogant and snobby mistress wants - maybe he will be released after that torture...

Look at this awesome gorgeous face - miss Marry is really beautiful. Her perfect lips, those deep eyes... Wouldn't you do anything for this young mistress? Of course you would - and the good message is: You have got the chance to serve her - the less good thing is: you are just an ashtray. So, get down on your knees in front of her, open up your mouth and get ready to swallow some ashes.

This little sadistic girl loves to breathe her cigarette smoke right in your face! Look at her as she lights up a cigarette and makes you kneel in front of her. She breathes in very deep and blows the smoke directly in your face. Thankfully you are lowering your head just to kiss her shoes...

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