Smoking Fetish Girls - Sexy babes caught smoking

Mistress Saida surprised her husband by smoking. She wanted him to stop so she waited for him to get to the house and as she opened, she was smoking. She had him kneel down and then she used him as her human ashtray. In so doing, she humiliated him and she also scared the shit out of him. And when she told him to stop smoking, he listened to her for the first time.

Lady Victoria wanted to have fun smoking while at the same time dominating this loser. She chose to turn the guy into a human ashtray and as she smoked, she ordered him to do some humiliating things. It was when she was almost done with the cigarette that she chose to make him her human ashtray and it was very painful for the poor guy. He had no choice but to do as told.

Goddess Nika had a lot of things to think about and she was a little bit stressed. She wanted something to keep herself occupied and she wanted to meditate. She usually uses her cigarette whenever she wants to think deeply and she did not hesitate to use it today. She was able to take her mind off her worries and relax a little and she calmed down a bit which helped her when she went back to try and get a solution.

Goddess Harley was not amused by this guy and she made him her living ashtray. She did not care what he felt and she ensured that he would never lie to her again. So she spat on him after she was done using him as her human ashtray and had made him cry. She did it while showing off her big tits so that he would be even more confused.

Mistress Gabriela loves to smoke and she does it often. That is what she was out to do today as she had her friend learn to smoke. Her friend had often admired how she smoked and how cool she looked so she wanted to give it a try. So she joined mistress Gabriela today and she was taught how to light a cigarette, how to smoke and how to extinguish one.

Mistress Claudia wanted this guy to fear her and so she used her cigarette to scare the shit out of him. The mistress even went ahead to tell him all the cruel things she could do to his body with her cigarette as she lit one and smoked it. She got closer to the guy and he feared that she would do what she had told him and that is how she scared him.

This guy needed to tell mistress Krystal what he had been up to but he did not want to do it. She got pissed about it and she chose to humiliate him. She did this with her cigarette as she turned his dick into a human ashtray. And she teased and tormented him with her tongue and with her cigarette and he could not take it anymore and he talked.

Mistress Scarlett smoked but her boyfriend did not know. But she found it hard to keep hiding her smoking habit and it got to a point that she felt it was better he knew and she faced the consequences as opposed to hiding. So she let him find out today and as expected, he was mad but she was prepared for anything including him calling it quits on their relationship.

Lady Lexy loves to smoke. It is one of the few things that she finds truly refreshing and enjoyable. Today she was using her cigarette to think as she wanted to find a good way to punish this loser. He had not acted the way he should and she was pissed at him for it. She kept getting good ideas as she smoked and she planned to implement them once she was done smoking.

Mistress Jenny felt betrayed by this loser and to punish him, she made sure he felt a lot of pain. The mistress cruelly forced him to undress and she tied some clamps on his nipples and she pulled them. It was excruciatingly painful but she was not done with him. Mistress Jenny also used her cigarette on his nipples and the guy felt pain that he had only heard about.

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