Smoking Fetish Girls - Sexy babes caught smoking

This guy did not know how abhorrent he was and it was time goddess Sofi and goddess Kira told him. The smoking babes had tried to ignore him but he did not give them the chance to do so. So they had no choice but to degrade him with their cigarettes by using him as a living ashtray and finally spitting into his mouth and having him swallow it all.

Goddess Kiffa is a sexy smoking babe. She loves to have fun any time she can and she enjoys it when she is able to turn guys on with her cigarette. But today she was doing it in the bathtub and she did it while her slave served her wine and acted as her human ashtray. It was a lot of fun as she enjoyed herself and relaxed in the soapy tub.

Lady Scarlet and her friend wanted to interrogate this guy and they did. But they did not get far with their interrogation as the loser went ahead to play some mind games in them. He was not going to give them the info they wanted so they had no choice but to dominate him and humiliate him. So they used their cigarettes to do it and as soon as he realized he was their human ashtray, he gave out the info.

This mistress loves to keep to herself but this guy pissed her off and she had to show her other side. Most people wrongly thought that she was a defenseless person but she proved this guy wrong when she used her cigar to humiliate him. He found himself being choked by her smoke as well as being her human ashtray. He was in pain but she did not care about his feelings.

When you have huge tits like mistress Saida has, you can gets guys to do a lot of things. So she flaunted her hot body in a bikini and the guy was not in control of himself. She had fun controlling him and getting to do what she asked him. He felt happy even though he did not touch her. It was as if she was a drug to him.

Mistress Roxy knew that this guy would be hooked to her sexy body if she showed off her hot body. So she removed her clothes and only had her thong on. The guy was confused and she had a great time doing whatever she wanted to him. He was like putty in her hands and she did what she wanted to him. And she smoked as she watched him do what she ordered.

Mistress Alexa loves her men strong and alpha males. But this guy was not what the mistress liked so she used her smoking fetish to dominate as well as humiliate him. The mistress knew he was the sort that she would have fun humiliating. So she made him her human ashtray and when he asked, she told him that she was toughening him up. He believed that lie and she enjoyed dominating him.

Mistress Selena turned her slave's mouth into her ashtray in an effort to teach her a lesson she felt the slave girl needed to be taught. She had tried to talk to her verbally but it did not seem to help much. So the mistress cruelly tortured her and laughed at her as she cried and begged her to stop. The mistress told her she had brought it all on herself.

Mistress Claudia wanted to use her cigarette as a punishment tool as she had never done that before. It was a lot of fun for her and she enjoyed herself to the max. The mistress enjoyed how scared the guy was as she did her thing on him and she knew it was an effective punishment tool as guys were scared of being burned by it or being choked by the smoke.

Mistress Gaia used her cigarette to punish her gambling boyfriend as she felt he was becoming addicted to it and it was not a good sign. So the mistress used him as her human ashtray and she let the pain he felt do the talking for her. The mistress even choked him a little bit and he did not want to experience it again so he tried his best to stop gambling.

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