Smoking Fetish Girls - Sexy babes caught smoking - Page 23

This sexy lady is showing off in her beautiful leather outfit. She is so sexy that it is unbelievable. Wouldn't you just love to be in the same room with her while she is smoking a cigarette. Could you only imagine how hard your cock would get as she lies on the floor sucking down a nice cigarette right in front of your. Your hard cock would be poking at your pants.

This sexy brunette babe is standing right in front of the camera smoking on a full flavor cigarette. She loves to feel the hot burn of a nice cigarette penetrating her lungs. She wants you to get down on your knees right in front of her and become her smoke slave. She wants you to take her smoke right in your face and she wants you to enjoy being her smoke slave.

This sexy redhead babe is sitting around smoking a hot cigarette and all she wants you to do for her is to masturbate to her. How would you like to whip your big cock out of your pants and just play with it for this sexy smoking babe. She wants to watch you play with your hard cock while she smokes on her cigarette. She wants you to cum for her.

Check out this hot ebony babe sitting around smoking a cigarette while she is wearing some of her sexy lingerie. Her lingerie is so very sexy and it leaves very little to the imagination. You can see her full round breasts pressing against her lingerie just begging to be set free, but a loser like you will never be anything more to her than a wimp slave that she can blow smoke at.

This sexy babe knows that smoking is not good for her, but she doesn't give a damn because she likes it! She also knows that abusing her slaves is not good either, but she just cannot help herself. She just loves to take advantage of a wimp slave and blow smoke right in his face. She also loves to use men as a human ashtray and ash all over them.

Have you ever seen a redhead so sexy that can just inhale a cigarette like none other? it is just amazing to watch this hot babe suck on a long cigarette, taking the puff deep down into her lungs and then exhaling it in front of the camera for all of us to enjoy. she just wants a smoke slave to come into the room so she can use him as a human ashtray.

This sexy blonde babe is a goddess and she knows it. She is hot shit and she knows that she can make a puny wimp slave do exactly what she wants. She wants you to get down on your knees right now so she can use you as her own human ashtray. She wants you to put out your tongue just so she can ash all over it with her cigarette.

You are Mistress GG's ashtray. Look at her sexy face and those sinful red lips. She keeps the cigarette stuck between them as she lights it up. Then she breathes the smoke in very deep just to release it in your face! After that you are commanded to open your mouth. Then you have to swallow her ashes...

You are degraded to be Mistress Melissa's living ashtray. You are kneeling on the ground in front of her as she makes you open up your mouth. Next she ashes right into your mouth and after she is done she puts the cigarette left over on your tongue and commands you to swallow it all for her like a good little pig...

Mistress Jenny calls out for you because she needs her living ashtray! She sits on a chair while she forces you to open up your mouth. Then she lights up her cigarette and smokes it with great pleasure. Her sexy red lips are keeping the cigarette tight while she breathes in the smoke. Then she drops her ashes all into your ashtray mouth with a smile.

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