Smoking Fetish Girls - Sexy babes caught smoking - Page 7

Mistress Nicole and mistress Kira wanted to get some highly classified info and from their investigations, this girl was one of the few people who were privy to that info. And since it was urgent for them to get the info, they tortured the girl cruelly by forcing her to choke on cigarette smoke and using her as a human ashtray. And tat is how they got the info from her.

Lady Phoenix and her friend wanted to teach this guy a lesson and they chose to do it with their cigarette smoke. The mistresses did not want to beat him up. Instead, they chose to use their cigarettes to punish him. And that is how they ended up blowing cigarette smoke on his face and that choked him a little as he could not breathe properly. Instead of letting him go, they laughed at him.

These guys had an agreement with mistress Iside and her friends. But the guys turned out to be greedy and wanted more than they had agreed with the mistresses. The mistresses were not going to tolerate such behavior and they had to make sure they punished the losers as cruelly as they could so as to make them learn to keep their word and uphold their end of the bargain.

This guy took pride in his bad boy manners but mistress Zephy did not like it. He thought that everyone would like it but she did not and she had to make him understand that. She used her cigarette and her heels to dominate him and he learned his lesson. He was shocked to learn that his approach did not work with her and that she did not buy his bad boy behavior.

Goddess Katrina never misses a chance to flaunt her hot lips and today was one such day. She took out her cigarette and she smoked. She made her mouth the focal point of her smoking with the way she treated the smoke. And as people checked out her mouth, they also checked out her lips which were stunning and inviting. She also drew attention to them by licking them as she blew smoke out.

This mistress wore a dress which showed off her body and her tits were clearly visible. She did not care who saw her and she in fact loved it because she could tell how guys were pretending not to look but found creative ways to check out her big tits. She took out her cigarette and enjoyed it as she watched them struggle to check her tits out and complement her.

Mistress Zephy knew that if she was not firm with her husband, he would never quit gambling and he would endanger the future of her family. She was not ready for that so she used her heels to trample his face and she made him lick her soles. Then she used him as a living ashtray then told him she was ready and willing to do worse things to him if he did not stop gambling. He stopped.

Mistress Katrina was dominating this slave when she felt that she needed a break. So she took one and she undressed and remained with her sexy panties and a bra. She also took out a cigarette and she smoked seductively as she showed off her sexy legs. The slave even forgot what she had been doing to him and he was turned on by the sight of the gorgeous mistress smoking.

Mistress Jardena wanted to use her cigarette to torture and dominate this loser and she did it without hesitation. She had him kneel down and she used the cigarette smoke to choke him. He coughed and nearly passed out as the smoke was too much for him. She laughed at him as he peed his pants and she knew he had learned his lesson the hard way and would never do it again.

Lady Louisa and mistress Kirsty do not like masturbators because they feel that those people make it hard for their women to enjoy sex because it creates unrealistic expectations on the part of the women to have pussies as tight as the men's hands and also makes the men cum quicker which does not help the women at all in their quest for orgasms. So they trampled this guy with heels to make him stop jerking off. They did it while smoking.

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