Smoking Fetish Girls - Sexy babes caught smoking - Page 8

Mistress Jardena wanted to use her cigarette to torture and dominate this loser and she did it without hesitation. She had him kneel down and she used the cigarette smoke to choke him. He coughed and nearly passed out as the smoke was too much for him. She laughed at him as he peed his pants and she knew he had learned his lesson the hard way and would never do it again.

Lady Louisa and mistress Kirsty do not like masturbators because they feel that those people make it hard for their women to enjoy sex because it creates unrealistic expectations on the part of the women to have pussies as tight as the men's hands and also makes the men cum quicker which does not help the women at all in their quest for orgasms. So they trampled this guy with heels to make him stop jerking off. They did it while smoking.

Mistress Bonnie wanted to dominate this guy without talking to him or touching him. So he had him watch as she took out her cigarette and smoked while wearing just a bra and a thong. She later on removed them and drove the guy wild as he saw how splendid of a body she had. But he knew he could not get it and he did not wait to be told no. He just jerked off and left.

Lady Rockabella never loses a chance to torture. She caught this guy messing up and she knew she had found the chance she had been looking for. The mistress made the guy wear female outfits and she turned him into a sissy before she used her cigarette on him. He was her human ashtray whether he liked it or not and lady Rockabella had fun seeing how humiliated he looked.

Mistress Delvia went to the airport to pick up her friend and as they went back home, it was a lot of fun for them as they turned these guys into human ashtrays. The mistresses used their sexy bodies to lure the guys for punishment and the guys took the bait. The mistresses dominated the guys using their cigarettes and choked them with smoke among the many other things they felt like doing.

This mistress wanted to show off her big its and she did not hesitate to do so. She had a lot of fun in the process because she was having fun at the expense of this loser. He was turned on by what he saw but she was not interested in having any fun with him. Instead, the mistress chose to tease and deny him but after she had turned him into a human ashtray.

This guy did not know how abhorrent he was and it was time goddess Sofi and goddess Kira told him. The smoking babes had tried to ignore him but he did not give them the chance to do so. So they had no choice but to degrade him with their cigarettes by using him as a living ashtray and finally spitting into his mouth and having him swallow it all.

Goddess Kiffa is a sexy smoking babe. She loves to have fun any time she can and she enjoys it when she is able to turn guys on with her cigarette. But today she was doing it in the bathtub and she did it while her slave served her wine and acted as her human ashtray. It was a lot of fun as she enjoyed herself and relaxed in the soapy tub.

Lady Scarlet and her friend wanted to interrogate this guy and they did. But they did not get far with their interrogation as the loser went ahead to play some mind games in them. He was not going to give them the info they wanted so they had no choice but to dominate him and humiliate him. So they used their cigarettes to do it and as soon as he realized he was their human ashtray, he gave out the info.

This mistress loves to keep to herself but this guy pissed her off and she had to show her other side. Most people wrongly thought that she was a defenseless person but she proved this guy wrong when she used her cigar to humiliate him. He found himself being choked by her smoke as well as being her human ashtray. He was in pain but she did not care about his feelings.

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