Smoking Fetish Girls - Sexy babes caught smoking - Page 6

Mistress Claudia wanted this guy to fear her and so she used her cigarette to scare the shit out of him. The mistress even went ahead to tell him all the cruel things she could do to his body with her cigarette as she lit one and smoked it. She got closer to the guy and he feared that she would do what she had told him and that is how she scared him.

This guy needed to tell mistress Krystal what he had been up to but he did not want to do it. She got pissed about it and she chose to humiliate him. She did this with her cigarette as she turned his dick into a human ashtray. And she teased and tormented him with her tongue and with her cigarette and he could not take it anymore and he talked.

Mistress Scarlett smoked but her boyfriend did not know. But she found it hard to keep hiding her smoking habit and it got to a point that she felt it was better he knew and she faced the consequences as opposed to hiding. So she let him find out today and as expected, he was mad but she was prepared for anything including him calling it quits on their relationship.

Lady Lexy loves to smoke. It is one of the few things that she finds truly refreshing and enjoyable. Today she was using her cigarette to think as she wanted to find a good way to punish this loser. He had not acted the way he should and she was pissed at him for it. She kept getting good ideas as she smoked and she planned to implement them once she was done smoking.

Mistress Jenny felt betrayed by this loser and to punish him, she made sure he felt a lot of pain. The mistress cruelly forced him to undress and she tied some clamps on his nipples and she pulled them. It was excruciatingly painful but she was not done with him. Mistress Jenny also used her cigarette on his nipples and the guy felt pain that he had only heard about.

Mistress Nica loves to smoke because it makes her feel sexy. She smokes in a sexy way too and she makes even non-smokers feel like it would be cool to do it. Today she was sexily dressed and as she smoked, she looked like a bad girl and she had the demeanor to go with it. She had fun teasing this guy and messing with him by making him do what she asked.

This mistress loves to do naughty things. She was in the bath tub today taking a shower when she felt like smoking. With her tits out and trying to relax as she rubbed herself, she took out her cigarette and enjoyed puffing while her husband watched her with a smile. He even took out his phone and he recorded her. She did not object as they did such things regularly.

Lady Shay was not going to let this slave continue misbehaving. She had to find a weapon to punish him with and as she felt like smoking, she wondered whether a cigarette could be a good weapon. She chose to try it out and that is why she made him a living ashtray and she laughed at him as he cried and begged her to stop what she was doing to him.

Goddess Mia knew that this guy did not smoke. And she also knew that he was turned off by girls who smoked. That is why when she noticed that he was getting too close to her and he was becoming too comfortable with her and he wanted more than she could give him, she chose to use a cigarette to turn him off. So she took one out and smoked it as if she was an expert even though she was not.

When this mistress was accidentally choked and burned by her cigarette, she knew she had discovered a weapon. She always had issues with her slave and she had found a good tool to punish him with. So she sat back and waited for him to mess and when he did, she used her cigarette to punish him. He was used as a living ashtray, and also choked with smoke. But that was not all as the mistress also teased and denied him using her big tits.

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