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Mistress Ava Black has a big bum and a big pair of tits. She knows how much guys love them and she, therefore, loves using them whenever she wants to confuse and humiliate a guy. She used a latex catsuit to show off her hot body today but with the intention of turning the guy into her human ashtray. The guy was distracted by the sight of her massive boobs and her sexy ass and he found himself doing what she asked.

Mistress Tiffany Naylor was in a bad mood so she did what she usually does when in such a mood. She took out her cigarette, lit it and she smoked it in silence. It helped her think better and focus on what she wanted to do about the situation she was in. And by the time she was on her third cigarette, she had already formulated a strategy of what to do.

Mistress Cama loves to explore different punishment methods. Today she chose to try something she had never done before. So she stripped her slave naked and she tied him up so that he would not resist what she wanted to do to him. She then took out her cigarette, smoked a little and then used his dick, his balls as well as his mouth as her ashtray. The slave could not even cry despite all the pain he felt.

Mistress Karina loves to smoke and she does it all the time. Smoking is more than a pastime to her. She loves to use it to humiliate too. When this guy ignored her expert advice and he messed up, she painfully used it to torture him. She made him open his mouth and she turned him into her human ashtray. He endured the pain as she had forbidden him from crying or screaming.

Princess Serena chose to teach this loser a lesson using her cigarette. She did not care what happened to the loser and she used him as a human ashtray. She not only used him as her living ashtray, but she also blew smoke on his face and choked him with it. The loser was humiliated and tortured but he held on as there was nothing he could do about it.

Mistress Desire knows how to dominate and to humiliate. It all depends on what mood she is in. That is what determines what she will do to a loser or a slave. Today she chose to turn the slave into a human ashtray. She used her cigar to teach him a lesson and she did it with such finesse that left even the loser wondering how she got so good.

Mistress Gaia chose not to let this loser go for taking her for a ride. She wanted to show him what she does to people who mess with her. She tied him up and she degraded him for fun. She took her cigarette and she used it to humiliate him. He was turned into her human ashtray and had to endure the pain and torture. She spat on him too and when she had had enough of him, she let him go.

Lady Kara loves to vape. She does not like to smoke a regular cigarette. As she was chatting with her friends and vaping, her slave came to disturb her and she humiliated him using her vape. She blew smoke on his face and shut him up. She choked him with the smoke and he wondered why she had done that but he had to do as she said and he learned his lesson.

Lady Stefanie had never smoked a cigar before. She felt like doing it today so she asked this guy to buy one for her. She gave him money to buy a top-notch one but he did not do it. He bought a low grade one. She was pissed. She took it but she punished him for it. She used the cigar smoke to choke him. She cruelly dominated him and forced him to go back and buy what she wanted using his own money.

Madame Marissa not only used her cigarette to punish this loser. She also used her ass to do it. After using him as her human ashtray, she facesat on him and she choked him in the process. He cried at what she did to him and tried to ask for forgiveness but she did not give him any. She went on humiliating him as if nothing had happened and he had said nothing.

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