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Mistress Jacky did not hold this loser in high esteem and it showed in how she chose to degrade him. She felt that he needed it and so she whipped out her cigarette and she lit it. He did not suspect anything and that was why he was shocked when it ended up being that the cigarette was to torture and humiliate him. She used him as a living ashtray and also choked him with the smoke.

Mistress Claudia did not have a reason why she chose to torture this loser. She went ahead to cruelly scare him with her strapon but proceeded to torture him with her cigarette. He had not done anything wrong to her but she went ahead and dominate him for fun. She was doing it for her own enjoyment and she did not care how he felt about all she did to him.

Lady Zoey had forgiven her slave enough times. He was an errant slave and she had to punish him so that he would not make the same mistakes again. So she used her cigarettes to do it. The mistress made the slave her human ashtray and from the pain he felt, she knew he would not err again as he would not want such punishment again from her. And he never pissed her off.

This naughty mistress wanted this guy to jerk off before they fucked because she knew his first cum was usually super quick and she would not enjoy anything if that happened. So she had to find a way to have fun with him after his first cum. She then instructed him how to jerk off and he jerked off as she watched and supervised while smoking her cigarette and blowing smoke his way.

When this mistress got bored, she turned to her slave and she dominated him for her own enjoyment. The mistress used her cigarette to do it and he was humiliated and in pain. He also choked out of what she did to him but he could not get him to stop as she was having fun at his expense and she did not listen to him. He had to endure it all.

This loser had nothing to bring to the table and mistress BlackDiamoond was not pleased with him. She felt that the only thing he was good for was to be a slave and one she could humiliate for her own entertainment. So that is what she did. She had him kneel down and she lit her cigarette and she used him as her human ashtray. He cried but she was not moved.

Lady Betty and her friend mistress Bertie wanted this loser degraded. He did not have a say in the matter since he had pissed them off and he was being punished for his bad behavior. The guy's face was filled with their spit and he had to lick it and rub it over his face as the mistresses laughed at him and warned him not to piss them off again.

Mistress Lena knows how to get what she wants. She used her cigarette to dominate this guy because she knew he had no choice but to do what she wanted. The mistress made him lick and smell her feet and she also wanted him to lick her shoes but he refused. So she made him her living ashtray and after that, he had no choice but to lick her shoes.

When mistress Natasha noticed that her boyfriend was always getting home late, she talked to him and told him to change. He ignored her and she did not want that to go on. So she used her cigarette to punish him. It was cruel as she used him as her human ashtray and she also choked him with her smoke. He did not want to suffer again so he changed.

Goddess Lena was out to punish and to humiliate this slave for misbehaving and she did so with her cigarette and her spit. She tied him up and she then smoked and blew the smoke on his face. Besides that, she spat on him also and asked him to lick and swallow her saliva. He was against it but he knew that he did not have much choice in the matter.

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