Smoking Fetish Girls - Sexy babes caught smoking - Page 11

Goddess Mel loves to try out different things. Today she wanted to try smoking fetish because she had heard about it and she felt it would be something of interest to her. So the mistress took some cigarettes and she lit them and took a video of what she did with the cigarettes so as to review it later and see areas of improvement. She had more fun than she anticipated.

Lady Milana was not pleased with the things her slave had done and she had to torture and punish him. The mistress sat back and took a drink as she made him lick her feet and her shoes. He was naked as he did so. But the mistress did not feel that he had done enough. So she punished him some more. She did so using her ass. She farted on him and also took a shit on him.

Lady Stefanie loves to turn to her cigarette whenever she feels like she needs to clear her mind. She felt like that today and she sat down, took out a cigarette and she smoked. As she blew the smoke and watched as it disappeared, she got lost in her thoughts and after a while, she was able to get answers to what she was trying to think about and once again, her cigarette had helped.

Mistress Christin was not in the mood to entertain any nonsense and that is what this loser showed her. He deserved to be punished because she was not going to make any exception for him. He did not know what was coming but he found out soon enough. He found himself being turned into a living ashtray and there was nothing he could. He was also trampled and punished painfully.

Mistress Tiffany and her friend are not much of smokers. But they were bored and they wanted a way to pass time and they felt that smoking would do that for them. The mistress bought a packet of cigarettes and they spent time smoking them. They tried all manner of things with them. They even tried to make their smoking look sexy and naughty besides trying to tease while smoking.

Mistress Ava Black does not forgive easily and she felt like this loser did not deserve to be forgiven. She had to punish him and she did it using her cigarette. The mistress tortured the loser by turning him into her human ashtray. She also choked him with her smoke and she laughed at him as she dominated and humiliated him in a way he had never expected to be dominated and punished.

Lady Dajana had asked this loser to drink some bitter herb juices but he did not do it. She was disappointed in him and she forced him to do it by telling him that she was going to use her cigarette to make him do it. That she was going to burn him if he was not careful and use him as a human ashtray. He got scared and drank it.

Mistress Gaia had a problem with her slave and she had hoped that he would learn his lesson but it did not happen. The mistress was fed up with the loser and she felt like he had to learn his lesson. So she used her cigarette to effect the punishment. The mistress forced the loser to endure the pain as well as the humiliation of it and the poor guy had no choice.

Goddess Lena was not pleased to learn that this loser was disobedient. She wanted the slave to learn a lesson so she taught him the lesson in a way he had never been taught before. The mistress did this by dominating him with her friend and both of them used their cigarettes to do it. He was humiliated and in pain but he deserved it because he was disobedient to his mistress.

Mistress Jenny loves her cigarette. She enjoys unwinding in her bathtub with a cigarette in hand. She had had a long day and when she got home, she went straight to the bathroom and she got into the bathtub. She lit a cigarette and had fun smoking while she listened to music. She did not notice how time flew. She found out it was already midnight before she got out of there.

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